Penticton Weather

According to Statistics Canada, Penticton weather is the most attractive weather in Canada.

Now that is quite a statement!

But I would be one to agree with this. I make it a point of visiting Penticton several times a year.

And the weather is a big reason I travel from the North Okanagan down to to this South Okanagan city.

The whole Okanagan experiences great weather all year-round. And Penticton is no exception to this.

Penticton BC enjoys the most hours of sunshine in the summer and the least amount of snow in the winter of all the cities in the Okanagan Valley.

This ideal weather is a factor in the area having a big retirement population.

The semi-arid climate is influenced by its location bordering the Sonora Desert that extends from Mexico into Osoyoos, BC , its neighbour to the south.

The weather is a big factor in where people come to visit and even where they decide to settle down. Penticton has this favourable weather in spades!

Climate Information

The Penticton weather is affected by the Rocky Mountains that protect it from any harsh conditions. The mountains block extreme cold, arctic air in the winter.

In the summer the maritime air from the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast, and its cooling effects, are prevented from reaching here.

The result is hot conditions for Penticton, BC and the rest of the Okanagan.

Here are some historic Penticton weather facts for you.

  • Summer temperatures, which include the months of June, July and August average in the high 20°C (low 80°Fahrenheit) range. There are many days with temperatures more than 30°C (86°F) and even into the high 30's (high 90's in Fahrenheit) in both July and August.

    The one thing that is nice about the hot temperatures here during the summer is the low humidity that goes along with it.

    Just for comparison reasons Penticton, BC has a summer afternoon humidity reading around 35%. Toronto, Ontario in Eastern Canada would experience a humidity reading of 55% on the same afternoon.

    Another reason why Penticton weather is said to be the best in Canada.

    Overnight lows throughout the summer average around 10-12°C (low 50's Farenheit) which is very comfortable.

    The summer months also each average around 28mm (1 inch) of rainfall.

  • Getting into early fall the temperatures are still warm with t-shirt weather still in place. Temperatures average around 22°C (72° F) for September daily highs.

    October begins to see cooler temperatures as daily highs are around 14°C (57°F). November really begins to cool off as daily high temperatures average 6°C (43°F) with overnight lows around 0°C (32°F).

  • The winter months of December, January and February are cool but down right balmy compared to the rest of Canada. Daily highs are usually just above the freezing mark and daily lows just below 0°C (32°F).

    Even with protection from the West Coast mountains there are outbreaks of arctic air but these are usually brief and things return to their normal averages.

    Snowfall averages around 22cm (8.5in) for each month of December and January. February sees about half the snowfall amounts of these two months.

  • Spring has very pleasant Penticton weather. March averages around 10°C (50°F) but lows still fall to 0°C (32°F). April begins to warm up and by May temperatures are up to 20°C (72°F) with overnight lows around 7°C (45°F).

    There is a rainy season here, if you can call it this in comparison to other parts of the country. Late spring does have its rainy days.

    March averages around 20mm (0.9in) of precipitation, April has 26mm (1in) and May and June with the most rainfall averaging around 37mm (1.5in).

  • The frost free season here averages more than 140 days a year.

    This is great for all the delicious fruit and produce that Penticton and the rest of the Okanagan is famous for.

    For more information on Penticton weather and climate check out the Environment Canada website where there are charts showing everything you would want to know about this subject.

    Okanagan Valley Guide will be updated regularly. Please return often or bookmark this site. I will be adding more pages of exciting information for you.

    Thanks for visiting.

    See you soon!

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