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CHBC News is a television station that has been serving Okanagan valley viewers since 1957.

It has a loyal following and there are probably very few Okanagan residents that don't tune into watch the broadcast sometime during the week.

I know that I have been watching this program since I moved to the region in 1995.

I always look forward to getting off of work and heading home to watch the latest daily newscast.

It keeps me up to date on everything going on in the Okanagan. It has interesting news stories, entertaining sports coverage and great weather reports.

And their on-air personalities are second to none.

Some History of

CHBC News first went on the air on September 21, 1957. The main transmitter was located in Kelowna. Because of the mountainous territory repeater transmitters were put in place in Vernon and Penticton three weeks later.

The station was owned by three different radio stations that broadcast in the Okanagan region.

An amazing fact is that when CHBC first began they broadcast to only 500 homes in the area. Just one year later this had ballooned to 10,000 homes!

Also 16mm film was used and was developed by a local photo lab which eventually led to CHBC having their own lab.

Some other important dates in their history include:

  • 1960 CBC network programming began with the arrival of the microwave. CHBC had been an affiliate of CBC since its fist airing. Regular shows were broadcast a week late and the National news was run on a one day delay.
  • 1964 The first video tape machine came to the the station which helped immensely in the local production of programming and commercials.
  • 1966 Colour TV was introduced by the network.
  • 1971 Colour studio cameras were brought in and this completed the change over to full colour broadcasting.
  • 1986 The company made a commitment to make it unique and to become "The Okanagan's Very Own, CHBC".
  • 1989 The parent company of BCTV, Western International Communications (WIC), bought out the shares of a partner and they then owned 100% of CHBC News.
  • 1998 CHBC sold to Shaw Communications Inc. and Canwest Global Communications Corp.
  • 2006 Affiliation ends with CBC and is programmed with Canwest CH programming.
  • 2007 The successful E! brand is brought to Canada as Canwest brands CHBC and all of its other CH stations as E! Everything Entertainment.
  • 2009 Canwest announces that all E! stations will be closed, sold or rebranded. CHBC is re-branded as Global Okanagan, Home of the CHBC News.
  • 2010 A completely new look unfolds at CHBC with the virtual news set and robotic HD cameras. - Shaw Communications takes over all of Canwest's stations across Canada and they are all rebranded as Shaw media.

Some Facts

CHBC News is the Okanagan's source for news, weather, traffic, events and features. There are extra features are shown on the newscast and are very entertaining and informative. Some of these include:

  • Roberts on the Road - Mike Roberts, the popular Weatherman, hosts these short video clips. He travels across the Okanagan looking for interesting stories of people, places and events and captures it on video to show the viewer.
  • Smart Moves - Toby Tannas, a reporter and news anchor at the station, shares tips and advice about how to eat healthy and stay in shape.
  • Newshawk Videos - This is a segment where you, the viewer, can get involved. If you record some interesting video with your own home camera you can submit it to CHBC News. If it is picked it will be put on the air and you can even get paid for it!

This could be anything and even a story about the Ogopogo has been shown on the newscast. To have your video checked out by the newsroom team contact CHBC at:

Phone: (250) 762-4535
Toll-free: 1-800-663-3929

I still miss a couple of great programs that used to run on CHBC. One was called 'Okanagan Now'. Cancelled in 2009, it was a half-hour show that was dedicated to things happening around the Okanagan.

The other one was called "Gold Trails and Ghost Towns". It was hosted by Mike Roberts and Bill Barlee and ran from 1986 to 1996. Here is a clip from one of the shows:

The on-air personalities at CHBC that bring the news into our homes every night include:

  • Rick Webber - A Producer and Anchor of CHBC New. He has been with the station since the late 1990's.
  • Mike Roberts - The "Weatherman" of the Okanagan. This colourful and humerous anchor for the weather forecasts has been with CHBC since 1973.
  • Toby Tannis - She started out here in 1996 as a reporter and became the full time late news anchor in 1999. Check out her blog on her workouts and favourite meals at
  • Blaine Gaffney - This veteran reporter has been working in the newsroom since 1990. He has won numerous journalism awards including the prestigious Jack Webster award for Best Television Reporting of the Year.

There are several other anchors and reporters involved in the newscast that the people of the Okanagan recognize and look forward to watching each day.

CHBC News is broadcast three times a day. There is a

  • one hour early evening newscast at 5:00 p.m. each weeknight,
  • one half-hour late evening newscast weeknights at 6:30 p.m.,
  • And a one hour late night newscast weeknights at 11:00 p.m.

Weekend half-hour newscasts are available at 5:30, 6:30 and 11:00 p.m.

The address at CHBC is:

342 Leon Ave.
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 6J2

To contact CHBC with your questions or comments:

Phone: (250) 762-4535
Toll-free: 1-800-866-8221
Fax: (250) 868-0662

CHBC News has been the Okanagan's choice for newscasts for many years.

I am sure it will continue to be a favourite of many for years to come.

Okanagan Valley Guide will be updated regularly. Please return often or bookmark this site. I will be adding more pages of exciting information for you.

Thanks for visiting.

See you soon!

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