Okanagan BC Weather Forecast

The Okanagan BC weather forecast gives you all the information you need in planning any outdoor activities or if you want to know what the weather is going to be like.

The chart below will show you today's forecast along with a long range forecast for up to 25 days from now.

Besides these you can click on the links below the chart that will give you radar and satellite images, weather and forecast maps and so much more.

Kelowna BC is shown on the chart as default but you can click on any of the links on the chart and enter any other Okanagan community you may be interested in.

This will bring up their current weather report along with the long range forecast and all the other weather information you may be interested in.

Okanagan BC Climate

The Okanagan weather and its climate is conrolled by where it is situated in British Columbia Canada. The many storms the West coast get hit by from the Pacific Ocean are blocked by The Coast Mountain Range.

This causes a rain shadow effect over the Okanagan Valley and the precipitation here is far less than what the coast receives. This makes the region either arid or semi-arid.

There is even a difference in precipitation from the  South Okanagan and the North Okanagan with annual amounts of between 250mm (10 in) and 360mm (14 in).

The Okanagan temperatures are described as being mild continental.

Winter in the region experiences cool humid air and cloudy skies while the summer has dry air and bright, blue skies.

The winter months are cold but relatively mild compared to the rest of Canada.

Summer is hot and sunny with the weather in Osoyoos having the highest temperatures in the Okanagan Valley.

Relative humidity hits a high of around 80% in winter but drops to 50% in the summer months.

I have heard this many times from people visting from Ontario and other Eastern provinces of Canada. They cannot believe that with our hot temperatures we get in the summer how it can feel so pleasant outside.

This is just another reason why so many tourists love to visit the Okanagan and why us locals love to live here.

It really is a paradise!

Your Okanagan BC weather forecast is here for you to check out 24 hours a day , 7 days a week all year round.

I hope you make a stop here the next time you are planning your outdoor activities.

Okanagan Valley Guide will be updated regularly. Please return often or bookmark this site. I will be adding more pages of exciting information for you.

Thanks for visiting.

See you soon!

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